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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just a slight change

I am in my office at work. Tomorrow is my last day here, and then I pack up and move to Chicago. Pretty far away for this country mouse.

My boss came and said goodbye to me today. She hugged me, fought back tears, and said that I was kind of like a daughter to her.

I don't know why, but nothing has really hit me yet. Maybe it won't. Maybe I won't cry or freak out. Or it might just take a minute or two.

So, tonight I'll have a get together with my friends from work and my other close friends. It will be the last time that I see many of these most excellent people. I have been quite the lucky girl.

I'm thinking about driving up to Chicago on my own. After my plans were foiled by sheer unfortunate coincidence, and after waffling between several options, I've decided that I should just go alone. I've been told that I need to feel the physical separation between my home and me. Perhaps this will help me place myself in a new place and time.

Not exactly manifest destiny.


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